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Melbourne Jewellery Valuation
What is a Jewellery Valuation?

A jewellery valuation is a document which describes, assesses and adds a monetary value to the jewellery presented using current market research.

After the appraisal, you will receive a document which contains a full description of your jewellery, including Diamond and Gemstone details, measurements of the stones, estimated or known weights, which may also be checked against any accompanying Reports or Certificates, qualities of the stone, the item’s weight and a fulsome description of the item with a monetary value for the purpose of the Valuation .

Your valuation comes with an accompanying photograph.  Photographing your jewellery is a further safeguard in the event of loss or damage.  It is particularly useful for a jeweller should your article need to be replicated or for police trying to match recovered property in the event of burglary.

Our valuers provide an excellent service, while charging competitive prices for the quality of work provided.  We charge a fixed price per item, not a percentage of the final value.

Why do I need a Jewellery Valuation?

There are multiple reasons to have your jewellery valued, the most common being for Retail or Insurance replacement.

Other reasons include:

Retail and Insurance replacement
Divorce and property settlement
Deceased Estate
Family division
Self-managed Superannuation portfolios
Advise as to what should be paid by a willing buyer/ willing seller situation
Quality assessment (without a value)

A professional valuation is a necessity in the event of a claim if your jewellery is lost, stolen or damaged, providing proof to both police and your Insurance Company of your ownership. Since the value of jewellery can fluctuate over the years due to changes in the precious metal and Gemstone markets and the Australian dollar value, as well the cost of the labour input, we recommend that you update your valuations every three to five years in consultation with our valuers.

Gemstone Identification

In conjunction with SGTL which produces the Auscert Certificate for Diamonds, we are able to identify and assess your loose Gemstones together with the provision of a Gemcert Certificate if required.  

Gemstone identification cannot be done purely on a gemstone’s appearance.  Gemmological testing is required using specialised equipment and the ability to interpret the results obtained to confirm the gemstones identity.  As with a Diamond Certificate, our Gemstone Certificate lists the physical properties of the gemstone with no monetary value.  Should you require such an assessment, we can organise a valuation of the stone.

Diamond Grading

A Diamond Certificate or Report gives the technical merits of an unset Diamond, and its purpose is to ensure that you are purchasing a Diamond of a particular quality.  Unfortunately not all such documents have the same parameters, and some Laboratories have their own standards, and qualified Valuers can assist their clients in recognising these failings.

In previous times, this certification was not available, and many purchasers of Diamond jewellery were given only sketchy descriptions of the Diamond quality in their jewellery.  It has led to much confusion as their jewellery valuations have been updated in later times, particularly when valuers have difficulty in assessing exact size and qualities of the stones within restrictive mounts.  Many valuations given to such clients at point of sale are at best inaccurate, and are conflicting to both valuer and client.

Today, a valuation given at point of sale should provide all the details of the size and quality of your precious stone/s and this can be verified together with any Certificate  provided by our Valuers to ascertain that you have the correct stone in your piece of jewellery.  Many coloured Gemstones are also purchased with Certificates and state whether the stone has been subjected to heat or other treatments.

In conjunction with SGTL (Scientific Gem-Testing Laboratories) we can also produce an Auscert for your Diamond, or a Gemcert for your coloured Gemstone – loose stones only, as they can only be fully tested as such.

About the NCJV

Members of the National Council Jewellery Valuers undergo accredited training in all key areas of Gemmological studies and jewellery valuation.  The valuers’ training focuses on gemstone identification and quality recognition, diamond grading and the detection of synthetics, imitants and treatments, the techniques used in the manufacture of antique pieces, recognition of reproductions, imported jewellery and general modern jewellery manufacturing. Members invest in ongoing education in order to keep up to date with industry changes and market trends in order to maintain their membership as an accredited valuer.

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