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jewllery evaluation valuation

Where can I find your offices?

We are located in the Melbourne CBD, in the Wales Corner Building on the 9th Floor of 227 Collins Street – corner of Collins and Swanston Streets, with lifts accessible from the arcade between the two streets next to the Westpac Bank.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm and Friday 9am to 3pm.

How long will my valuation take?

In most cases we would ask that you leave your jewellery with us and collect it at a later date convenient to you.  Between three days and a week are normal turn around times depending on our workload.

Can I have my jewellery valued today?

We are able to organise same day service for valuations, however, we would need an appointment booked in advance (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday are the best days for this service).  Thus you could drop off your jewellery, duck out for a coffee or lunch, or a spot of shopping and return to pick up your completed valuation/s and jewellery.  Alternatively, you can leave your jewellery with us and collect it at a later convenient time and date.

Do I need to make an appointment?

If you would like your jewellery valued in the same day, yes an appointment is required.  However, if you are happy to leave your jewellery with us, no appointment is necessary.

Is there anything that I should bring with me for my jewellery valuation?

If you have any type of Diamond or Gemstone certification accompanying your jewellery, or even old valuations or receipts for reference, they should be brought along to the valuation.

This information allows our valuers to verify the identity of the components and authenticate them, as without this supporting information the jewellery can only be assessed while set within the mounts which are frequently enclosed, making accurate assessment difficult. We do not unset stones unless requested.  To carry this out requires the services of a qualified setter, and an extra charge would thus be incurred.

Can I watch the process, while my jewellery is valued?

As much as we would enjoy showing you the process of jewellery valuing, it is not possible to have you in our work-room while your jewellery is being valued.  We have other clients’ jewellery entrusted to us, and we take security issues very seriously, which also applies to your precious items, therefore only authorised personnel are allowed within our inner sanctum.

Is my jewellery safe?

We have been in business for a long time, and have never suffered any lossage in that time.  We take security very seriously and have safes, monitored security and are insured.

How much will my valuation cost?

We feel it would be misleading for us to give you one set price, due to the complexity in valuing some pieces of jewellery, it is best that a price be advised once the valuers have seen your jewellery item or items, and you will be quoted before any work is begun.  We charge a fixed price per item, not a percentage of the final value.  Multiple pieces may incure a discounted rate.  Valuation price depends on the complexity of a specific item.